A research on the correlation between literacy rates and life expectancies in france india and brazi

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Better education lifts all boats. This is shown in the map below.

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This reflects the fact that there has been a continuous increase in average years of schooling worldwide: as the share of the uneducated population fell over time, the concentration at the lower level became less pronounced. As we can see, literacy rates grew constantly but rather slowly until the beginning of the twentieth century.

These include both historic estimates and projections.

A research on the correlation between literacy rates and life expectancies in france india and brazi

However, data on literacy rates by age groups shows that in most countries, and certainly in virtually all developing countries, there are large generational gaps: younger generations are progressively better educated than older generations. We can also see that in the period , education inequality went down every year, for all age groups and in all world regions. From a historical perspective, literacy levels for the world population have risen drastically in the last couple of centuries. Click to open interactive version To emphasize the points above, below is a map showing the evolution of mean years of schooling across the globe, using a related, but different source. There is variation within countries across time e. As we can see, the average number of years spent in school has gone up around the world. There are several international standardised tests that try to measure learning outcomes in a systematic way across countries; but these tests are relatively new, and they tend to cover only specific geographical areas and skills. Here we want to provide evidence of how inequality in literacy, specifically, has been going down. You can compare achievement above minimum, intermediate, and advanced benchmarks, country by country and over time, in these three line charts:.

The following visualization shows illiteracy rates by race for the period The projections show how these trends are expected to evolve in the future, depending on population growth dynamics in each country.

In the preceding visualization we showed that England virtually closed literacy gender gaps by We come back to an analysis of intergenerational literacy gaps below. This indicates that in these countries the literacy rate for the overall population will continue to increase. If you want to see figures in relative terms i.

This reflects the fact that many children who are officially enrolled, do not regularly attend school.

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As we can see, in order to reach near universal levels of literacy, the US had to close the race gap. Click to open interactive version How is literacy distributed across the globe? In this table you find details regarding all literacy definitions and sources, country by country, and how we categorised them for the purpose of this chart. Click to open interactive version A global picture of attainment by level emphasizes the conclusion above. As we can see, low attendance rates are an important problem in sub-Saharan Africa — more so than enrollment figures suggest. The number of countries that base their estimates on self-reports and testing is increasing. In contrast, by the distribution had shifted drastically to the right. This shows that there is significant information that average scores fail to capture. The following visualization shows the spread of literacy in Europe since the 15th century, based on estimates from Buringh and Van Zanden 3. While the earliest forms of written communication date back to about 3,, BCE, literacy remained for centuries a very restricted technology closely associated with the exercise of power. You can read more about the expansion of education systems around the world in our entry on Financing Education. PIAAC is only available for the very recent past, but it can still give us some insights of how numeracy skills in the world have changed. Have gains from historical education expansion fully materialized?

Young generations are better educated than ever before.

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Global Rise of Education