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So, one of the primary benefits of planting trees is to get clean air for breathing and reduce the Greenhouse Effect.

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During photosynthesis, trees generate enough oxygen that helps both humans and animals to survive. They should be treated and nurtured nicely so that human beings can survive on this planet.

Paragraph on importance of tree plantation

But the most important benefits of planting trees include fresh air oxygen and their role in the food chain. This balanced environment in turn contributes to the wellbeing of human beings. Additionally, other benefits of planting trees are that they help in stopping the clouds and cause rainfall. Like the social benefits of planting trees, there are also associated economic benefits of planting trees. We should plant trees on the two sides of the roads and paths and on the four sides of our corn-fields. Understanding the Benefits of Planting Trees: You need to educate people about why planting tress has become one of the important activities. But, we have somehow not protected them and perhaps that is why as on today we have been affected by global warming, severe pollution levels and other ill effects of deforestation. These mountain valleys are constantly getting eroded due to the factories and heavy construction work. Importance of Tree Plantation Essay 3 words Introduction Plantation of trees and plants aids in making the environment better. Having trees around us is a boost to our eyes. Concepts learnt visually causes more knowledge retention and increases students grasping power. Trees are our best friends. They have been a full leandro madrazo dissertation about myself trihydroxybenzene we think of tree plantation be friends in hindi marathi. Forests are being turned into industrial areas and residential places. Thus, it is important to understand the benefits of planting trees.

If you want life to thrive on the planet, it is really important to ensure that we do not deplete the plant cover. It is also used in building houses.

advantages of tree plantation essay

Presence of trees can reduce the rate of regression, which may help to lower crime rates. Jul 20, video from town or different areas to plant trees.

Importance of tree plantation essay

But, do we really give them the respect they deserve? In the s, a movement known as the Chipko movement was organised in order to stop the increase in deforestation in India. Thus plantation of trees in order to cover the gap is essential for our existence. The sound of the birds chirping on the branches of the trees, the rustle of the leaves when the wind passes through and the smell of the leaves and flowers on the trees — all have a calming effect on our sensations and burst stress. Some of the significant benefits are listed below: i. While the barks of some of these trees possess medicinal qualities, the leaves and fruits of others are known to offer relief. Apr 6, to mark one lakh trees and not be monocultures. The problem right now is that even though many people want to work in this direction however they do not know the right means to contribute their bit. Sujon: the importance of tree plantation for sep 2 to info tree-planter. They give us oxygen. As a result, the chances of flood diminish sharply. The process of tree plantation has to do with the transplanting of the seedlings of trees to spread the green scenery around and grow forests. Forests and reserves can also be used for activities like hunting and hiking. However, if we want to bring about a major difference, we must join these NGOs to work on a large scale. This is a good initiative and must be encouraged in order to make people aware about the importance of tree plantation.

They provide us with food, wood, fresh air and they also provide shelter to animals and birds.

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Tree Plantation Essay Example