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The PCA, the government, and the Catholic Legion of Decency believed that while the country was in financial peril, it was also in moral peril, and they did not want the country's values to be in jeopardy of eroding during this vulnerable time, as well.

Every one as a member of the society has the right to social security and is entitled to realisation through national efforts and international co-operation and in accordance with the organisation and resources of each state of economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

Roosevelt just one year earlier.

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As more and more baby boomers are becoming retirement age and can draw social security, less people are paying into the system which will bankrupt or significantly lessen the amount of social security benefits a retiree can draw.

The provisions of social security measures may prove to be of great help to the workers in emergencies. How does it serve older adults? Recently President Bush agreed to proposing a method of privatizing the social security program so that in the future the vast reserves of the social security system would not run out nearly as fast.

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Since it was enacted in , Social Security has been amended often, most recently in , when Congress imposed a tax on the benefits or higher-income retirees, raised the retirement age, and revised the tax rate schedule. It is characteristic of these contingencies that they imperil the ability of the working man to support himself and his dependents in health and decency. In countries, like the U. Not only to retired workers, but also to their spouses and dependents of the workers who die prematurely Essay 3. Miss Fuller, a Legal Secretary, retired in November But the issue of how it can be done and organised, is not at all simple or universal for every situation By an amendment in , the scheme was extended to all factories of five years standing and with 20 or more workers. The average life expectancy has risen significantly since Social Security first started. There is no such scheme for workers in unorganised sector. Because of this, our president has announced in his State of the Union address that Social Security should be privatized.

The State Government administers the Act and is empowered to extend the application of the Act to other classes of persons or diseases not covered by the Act.

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