Business plan assignment in bangladesh

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fast food restaurant business plan in bangladesh pdf

Later, our effort will be a further development of more retail outlets in the surrounding area as well as outside Dhaka. As each individual location will keep on to build its local customer base over the first three years of operation, the goal of each store is annual sales Tk.

business plan assignment for students pdf

Conventional Italian and American fast food shops will be our main competitors. Although, in this industry, the weight associated for advertising is very low, they are hardly a key success factor, still it is imperative we do it.

Street seller: We will need some street sellers who will sell our food items from our chain van shops.

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Chicken Roll TBD So huge time, money, people, and efforts are needed to gain their market share. X to be appointed -will be responsible for- accounting and business development of Service fast restaurant, and Mr.

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Business Plan of 'Ahar'