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What is a client server model? The term used to describe the cost of acquiring a new customer is known as: The use of online and offline promotion techniques to increase the audience of a site is known as a: Online public relations or e-PR should aim to maximise favourable mentions of companies, products, brands, etc which are likely to be visited by target audiences.

This is among the very commonly asked networking interview questions. The term stands for Reach, Act, C, Engage.

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Customers have individual preferences in the ways they use the web depending upon why they need to use it and this web use is known as: E-commerce managers aim to deliver the most effective mix of communications to drive traffic to their e-commerce sites.

Transmission — A process of sending and receiving data between source and destination, in only one way. Why is encryption on a network important?

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Once you have finished, click on the 'Submit Answers for Grading' button to get your results. Accepting that a customer has agreed to opt-in to receive further information, with customer profiling the minimum amount of online information that needs to be collected is an e-mail address.

A database of customer names, email addresses and profile information used for e-mail marketing is usually known as: A strength of social media and viral marketing is: Answer choices in this exercise appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

Networking multiple choice questions and answers

Multiple choice questions: set A Multiple choice questions: set A Try the following questions to test your understanding of this chapter. Can you tell me the main elements of a protocol? The four marketing activities within the customer relationship management include customer selection, customer acquisition, customer retention, plus: Using digital communications technologies to maximise sales to existing customers and encourage continued usage on online services is known as: Using the Internet for relationship marketing involves integrating the customer database with websites to make the relationship targeted and personalised. Facebook, Twitter usage has become so widespread that to discount a social media strategy would be a mistake best avoided. What is the difference between Communication and Transmission? Once you have finished, click on the 'Submit Answers for Grading' button to get your results. Building long-term relationships with customers is essential for any business. It is the mode of communication between two devices. Servers offer a centralized repository of resources such as printers and files. It is a peripheral card with an electronic circuitry. Networking facilitates data communication between computers and peripherals, and it is done through wired cabling or wireless links. What are the types of errors? Users can log in as anonymous guests, thus the name. Here are some more. Describe networking.
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