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Where my country, my superiors and fellow servicemen Customs and courtesies help make life orderly and are a way of showing respect.

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I need to ensure that I always strive to do better and achieve all of the goals in which I have set forth. To get a better understanding, this is how it all went down. If I do not put out the information to my Soldiers then I have failed them. Not securing items of sensitive nature acquire the risk of loss by being intercepted by unauthorized persons. I am concerned that he will try to get him strung up. The Type Transaction Code added to PBUSE will help the Army quantify the reason that the number of items is decreased or increased to unit property records, such as battle loss, training loss, or actual equipment loss. I truly regret not having better accountability of myself. What is accountability and the definition: DOD The obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, or funds. Being accountable means being dependable.

Why is accountability important to the Army? Your sensitive items include alot of things including your weapon, night vision goggles, spare barrels, and anything you will need to correctly perform A leader takes charge and takes accountability for all those who fall under his or her leadership.

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Civilians are not required to provide contact information while in a non-duty status, and "The Privacy Act precludes us from making it a mandatory requirement.

These items can include protective gear, maps, or a piece of paper designating patrol routes.

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I have caused work to be late due to the fact that I let my personal issues cloud my judgement. Being accountable means being dependable.

And after that you can possibly do jail time from six months to a year and sure there will be rank taken away or something along those lines.

Got that.

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Sensitive Items Essay Example