Continuity and change on the silk road

technology on the silk road

This made everything fragile and vulnerable and was only the start to the decline of Ancient China. Changing its pattern of relations, the Silk Road was affected by the Black Plague and new religious ideologies, but continued to trade luxurious goods and fulfill its original purpose.

Why was the silk road important

The trade route was at its greatest use from B. However silk is not China most traded goods anymore. The changes to China are mostly positive. In ancient China taxes would be paid by the profit of ones crops. The trade networks of these regions consistently enabled the spread of religious ideas far beyond their original homelands. The trade route was at its greatest use from B. They had a strong and very advanced military. Only India. Ships carrying the disease would dock at various ports along the Silk Road, and from there the disease could be spread person to person on land. This research paper will argue how Buddhism from India spread to China by using the Silk Road as a critical bridge and also for change and continuity for the religion that came from India and traveled to China. It is no longer a civilization quick to conflict but instead more peaceful and successful. Goods were not the only interactions along the Silk Road. Most where just to reclaim stolen land.

The period between BC and AD was a time of disease and death, but also a time of new ideas and new life. Published July 20, The introduction to new goods along the Silk Road changed the way Many products and other cultural expressions moved along the Silk Road and diffused among various kingdoms along it.

Accessed January 13, Eventually, these two religions became the most widely excepted belief systems in the East! It represent change because present day China is a powerful and stable country.

what ideas were traded on the silk road

Eventually, goods such as hemp, spices, and slaves began being traded on the Silk Road.

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Continuity and Change