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If Bartleby has been a figure for tragedy in the lone meditation of the narrator, he becomes a figure for comedy in his contact with his office mates Nippers and Turkey. Jorge Luis. The lawyer soon discovers that Bartleby has begun to reside in his office and never leaves London: Tavistock Publications, By keeping everything and everyone out, the anorexic is able to achieve a state of ascetic purity, but this purity leads ultimately to death and is quite literally short-lived.

Thus, Bartleby is also a fable about writing history or biography. He worked best during the afternoon and evening hours. It is the narrator himself who uses a vocabulary of contagion in relation to Bartleby.

The effort to contain or control tends actually to promote the epidemic proportions of the narrative. Gregor and Bartleby alike are working class men who, through some turn of events, stop working and are deemed useless to those around them We are prepared for this early on by references to his pallid complexion, his withdrawal from social life and refusal to take anything- food, money and even the offer of human empathy.

In anorexic style, he is able to live while taking no nourishment, either physical or spiritual. The storyteller lets it out of his oral cavity involuntarily.

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