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However, his view is extreme since he is a political activist that has been imprisoned several times before. Most students do a fairly good job of this, but they error in thinking this is all they have to do.

The specialization of tasks, the concentration of capital, and the centralization of work forces were important aspects of these changes.

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The Han thought technology had a practical purpose and should be used to make common labor more efficient. This also led other countries to their own Industrial Revolution such as USA during the early s to the late s.

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Although this large workforce resulted in modernization of the country as well as an economic boost, the industrial revolution also caused horrid working conditions and the mistreatment of women even though they dominated the workforce. Supports thesis with appropriate evidence from all documents. I work with sister Jesse and mother. Although breaker boys were primarily children, elderly coal miners who could no longer work in the mines because of age, disease, or accident were also sometimes employed. Since the revolution started in , the agricultural supply has gone up tremendously and farmers have benefitted doc 1, 2, 6. Meal were eaten one time a day and would consists of carbohydrates a source of energy. He invented a water-powered blowing-engine for the casting of iron agricultural implements that allowed people to enjoy great benefit for little labor. According to him, adoption of the system of learning does not mean rejecting Islamic beliefs, for Muhammad said that knowledge is important for Muslim believers to acquire even if it is from non-Muslims. Is it clean?

Supports thesis with appropriate evidence from all but 1 document 4. Analyze the political, diplomatic, and military reasons for the United States victory in the Revolutionary War. Document 7 Breaker boys a worker whose job was to separate impurities from coal by hand.

Dbq industrial revolution

My two older sisters were married during these good times to farmers who owned more land than we did. The Han thought technology had a practical purpose and should be used to make common labor more efficient. Document 8 also provides insight on the mistreatment of women as it goes into the accounts of a mill girl. However, this authors view could be skewed and not reflecting what the general people thought because he is an educator of an Anglo-Oriental College. Document 5 Samuel Smiles is a working class Scottish biographer, essayist and businessman. Examples: Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis. In conclusion, the Industrial Revolution began in England in the late
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Industrial Revolution DBQ Essay (June )