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The Alibaba company found by one single person and his name is Jack Ma.

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E-commerce offers a different mode of performing trade throughout the world without the need for tangible contact between the buyer and seller. These types of procedures can support firms to prosper and develop into successful in an e-commerce placing.

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There are plans in different governments to do legal transactions and buys without affecting a third part, but depends of every country. In the short term, researchers are developing faster electronic processors; in the long term, new technologies will be required.

In any given industry, there might be millions of websites online, and only effective marketing techniques can give one brand an edge over the other. Make an order now!

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On this report, it will be provided an introduction of the Pest Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis, where it will be explained the nature of this study and it will be described what each sector means.

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Future Of E Commerce Essay Examples