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Write the essay quickly, using clear, concise sentences. As you read, make tentative choices of the questions you will answer if you have a choice. Look at how many points each part earns you, and find hints for how long your answers should be.

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Try some of the following suggestions during the semester: Do the reading as the syllabus dictates; keeping up with the reading while the related concepts are being discussed in class saves you double the effort later. Leave time for review. To clearly signal your answer, use the language of the question.

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Organize small study groups with classmates to explore and review course materials throughout the semester. Read the questions and instructions carefully. If the Professor distributes questions in advance Make sure you have thought through each question and have at least an outline answer for each. Manage Your Time This is where you need to be strict on yourself. How to Answer Exam Questions Pay attention! If it is easier, leave a space for the introduction and write the body first. Will you lose all of your friends? For longer answers, begin by stating your forecasting statement or thesis clearly and explicitly. If you are using exam booklets, write on every second line. You can use the wording from the question. Make an appointment with your TA to discuss these things after the exam. Check to make sure you are answering all parts of the question. Your instructor also cannot give you credit for what they cannot understand. Include key words from the question in your thesis statement.

So why put yourself in that position? Some professors or TAs may give marks for material written on it. Go to lectures and put away your phone, the newspaper, and that crossword puzzle! For example: "The goals of liberal and socialist feminism differ in three main ways.

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If you are using exam booklets, write on every second line. Key terms Information words, such as who, what, when, where, how, and why ask you to demonstrate what you know about the subject. Exam preparation Learn the material with the exam format in mind Find out as much information as possible about the exam — e. With this in mind, try to relax and just do the best you can. If for some reason you get yourself into this situation, take a minute every once in a while during the test to breathe deeply, stretch, and clear your brain. Introduce your main idea, have several paragraphs of support—each with a single point defended by specific examples, and conclude with a restatement of your main point and its significance. This approach reduces anxiety and helps you think more clearly. Kirszner, Laurie G. Remember examples, principles, definitions, or concepts from class or research and use them in your interpretation. See Exam Skills: Clue Words Take time to read the exam paper thoroughly Not reading questions properly is a common mistake made in essay exams. Think, and make notes or concept maps, about relationships between themes, ideas and patterns that recur through the course. Write the essay quickly, using clear, concise sentences.

Jot down really brief ideas for each question before deciding. Coherent organization is one of the most important characteristics of a good essay.

Convince yourself that you know how to answer exam questions and your almost there.

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The Little, Brown Handbook.

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Exam Writing Tips: How to Write the Perfect Exam Answer