Four corners writing activity for high school

Results[ edit ] Results show a consistent increase in the ability of students to write persuasively.

four corners icebreaker questions for students

Read the statement or topic you have selected to use in the debate out loud to the class; display the statement for everyone to see. This activity elicits the participation of all students by requiring everyone to take a position.

four corners writing activity for high school

A study at Springview Elementary School, in Allendale Charter TownshipMichigannoted, "significant growth was observed in the students' writings in both classes. As a post-teaching strategy: Keep the notetaker's note or sticky note and posters.

Though you may be talking about, say, the electiongun controlrace and policing or any of the other important issues that were in the news in and that many teachers want to connect to curriculum, there are ways to make sure the exercise promotes, as Mr.

Give students minutes to discuss with the other students in their corner the reasons they strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree.

Four corners cooperative learning strategy

Hopefully, you have four groups gathered in different corners of the classroom. What new questions do they have? How to Use 1. Another fruitful source: the Room for Debate forum , in which experts weigh in on different current events topics. Individuals can choose their own destiny; their choices are not dictated or limited by the constraints of society. Encourage students to switch corners if someone presents an idea that causes a change of mind. Sensitive Topics and the Four Corners Exercise Photo Related Article Credit Stuart Goldenberg Though some of the most hotly debated topics on social media might also make for rich Four Corner exercises, because the strategy demands that students publicly take a stand, teachers should be very careful in choosing topics and crafting statements. Then provide time for peer reaction. Read out the lists to show the variety of opinions on a topic. Upon arrival at their corner, pairs or trios discuss why they have chosen their answer. You can ask them to write down their answer and reason for their choice.

As of Februarythe series includes 16 books, 2 poster papers, and a set of wall charts. Finally, the student writes a summary sentence in the lower-right square. Your social feed has always been loud, shrill, reflexive and ugly, but this year everything has been turned up to

4 corners questions for students
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Four Square Writing Method