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One such example is fracking the earth, in order to extract natural gases that could potentially benefit corporations and contribute to The Consequences Of Fracking.

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There are different motives and objectives for producing documentaries on the topic of fracking. Now that fracking has come along people want to switch from coal to natural gas because it is cheaper. These relaxed requirements allow wells to be fracked whether or not they are properly insulated and secured to prevent contamination. In addition, fracking supports millions of jobs directly or indirectly and provides the United States with an vast source of domestic energy. The polluted water which flows through the ground into wells causes instant contamination. Fracking is one such highly dynamic source of getting natural gas. The first enterprise that inves Not only is fracking obviously bad for the environment, but it also has many impacts on the people that surround the area. This is fast becoming a global issue happening in our own back gardens, it 's contaminating our water supplies and tampering with mass food production Fracking: Is It Worth It? In another article on NBC about fracking, the author chooses to start with a leading question, "Fracking for oil and natural gas - or having enough water to drink" clearly intended to taint fracking for readers from the beginning of the article. Natural gas is found underground, and is produced when trapped gas is released above ground. This paper. However, certain details regarding the spill will not be let out to public until the situation is under control.

The process you might have guessed that I am referring to is that of hydraulic fracturing or otherwise known as fracking by most people. Well first let me explain what fracking is. Relevant Reading.

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With the government already investing a myriad of time and money on fracking, the government can help settle this battle. That accident led to thousands of gallons of contaminated fracking fluid to disperse across personal properties and farms, even as cattle continued to graze.

This is a type of drilling used for oil and natural gas within the Earth. The fracking process consists of using a technical machine that digs through the surface of the earth and inserts large amounts of water with mixed chemicals to rapidly attain large amounts of oil and gas.

Fracking essay

Luckily though, the parks recently installed new natural gas grills in the park. The natural gas industry accounts for forty percent of methane gas emitted in America. Over the past couple of decades, oil companies have created an obscene amount of different methods for extracting oil, such as fracking. The first enterprise that inves However, I have changed my stance to the Stakeholders view and believe that the government needs to intervene and set regulations that increase awareness to the population on the possible effects of fracking. For example, when talking about the results of fracking, the designers bold the words "numerous environmental, safety and health hazards" putting stress on the negative effects fracking and not even mention the benefits. As the population and technology continue to get larger the need for natural gasses continues to steadily increase. The wells are filled with high pressure fracking fluid, which contains chemicals and metals that are harmful to humans and our soil. In a country that has had a terrible economy for years, it is reasonable for Americans to feel that fracking would be beneficial to them. This is a major reason as to why oil firms are reliant on hydraulic fracturing in order to extract fossil fuels miles beneath the ground. The torpedo was lowered in and superincumbent fluid tamping took place. In some instances, environmental damage from fracking is clear; in others, it is simply uncertain whether fracking is the cause or not. Related Interests. Videos of water from underground wells being set on fire have gone viral on the internet, with some having over one million views on YouTube. As the trees begin to die, oxygen levels drop.

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