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In content, it is a powerful observation on life. Despite the middle-class values that permeate the piece, only in version F does Atwood frankly address them. I would like in my own words to continue this story as I see it fit to occur. Behind the obvious meaning of these seemingly pointless stories lies multiple deeper and more profound meanings; exploring, for example, themes of domesticity, welfare, and success. He came to understand to appriciate life, because chuck will always time everything he did. Atwood's view of men and women in "Happy Endings" is that they aren't of equal status. With her unique structure and style, Margaret Atwood undermines character complexity and their actions to favor the fact that all stories end the same way and what matters is how and why they get to that point. Here the couple does not face any conflict, crisis, or tension. With the use of imagery, symbolism, and wordplay, Atwood changes the meaning and feeling of her story. Thus, the six stories are an image of several issues marriage life goes through and their significant. She believes that happiness is being with her mother, but her theory soon changes. My family has always been close when I was younger. On the other hand Atwood also highly uses metaphor in her work, when she uses six scenarios in one narrative Mead It was really about the struggle of a daughter, and the suffering of a mother with their fair share of setbacks.

Mary only sleeps with John because she pities him, and she is really in love with James, who rides a motorcycle. People have this typical idea of success being money, power, and a luxurious lifestyle with a promising future and a pinch of happiness.

And in yet another version, Madge achieves this happy ending with Fred. Thus, the six stories are an image of several issues marriage life goes through and their significant. Atwood portrays her belief that men hold the advantage in the relationshi Madge goes on to marry a nice man named Fred, and we continue as in A. He had money, even though no one really seemed to know how he made his money Despite the middle-class values that permeate the piece, only in version F does Atwood frankly address them. James is also used as a symbolic feature of the future generation, which is far lost of becoming cultivated individuals. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

What would I feel in this situation. However, if these relationships were not happy, life would be blame of being so complicated.

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Which causes you to feel empty inside, which then causes you to buy more stuff in order to fill the empty hole within you and forces the twisted cycle on The story ended as the head of the family Walter took control, became a family man, and rejected an offer from a white businessman to stay out of a white neighborhood and to stay with all blacks.

Atwood affirms that women endure more hardship than men. Despite the woman being pregnant, which seems a bother to the man, she still takes alcohol, and the writer does not illustrate whether or not if she cares about it.

But there was happiness.

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For example, some people would say that kids who are younger are more happy since they 're carefree. Who shall say where the one ends and the other begins? Time control his life, he did not spend much time with his girlfriend, he will alyways be traveling, delivering packages.

Why tell us the story? Stimulating and Challenging seems to be the key to happiness in their relationship and life. In scenario F, Atwood hammers this point home. Margaret Atwood and her short story Happy Endings point out the truth of stories and show an effective way to write a story at the same time. Yet, being too young, dumb and full of it, to really understand what she means. Margaret Atwood used plot-line in order to develop the theme of her short story, Happy Endings. This encouragement grants them an escape into a world of fiction and allows them to believe that happiness awaits at the end of insurmountable trials What did Chuck come to understand based on the experiences he went through in the movie. Sometimes we just have to let go off grudges and remember the good times.

The story is broken up into six possible life scenarios plus some concluding remarks.

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Essay on Pure Love in Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood