How affirmative action affects different races

He paid his own way, and talked to a couple of hundred Chinese people curious about his legal strategy.

Arguments against affirmative action

To compare this to Brown and the doll experiments, one would have to imagine that Brown had come out the other way — in favor of racially segregated schools — because the Court had some reason to believe that Jim Crow was benefiting all students. He found people who were eager to join his movement. But if college admissions officers were to use all these elements and weigh admissions by socioeconomic factors, Georgetown researcher Anthony Carnevale and colleagues have found that colleges could achieve racial diversity on selective college campuses while maintaining high academic standards. What should be done? Contrary to what many might expect, college-bound African-American and Hispanic students are just as interested as white students in majoring in science and engineering. The University of California, Los Angeles UCLA , like all public institutions in California, subsequently adopted race-blind policies in the admissions cycle for the —99 academic year. Evidently, business will remain as usual at Duke.

This alliance, between a white conservative tactician and a comparatively inexperienced base of recently energized Asian-American activists, has complicated the traditional optics of the civil-rights and diversity debates.

And the evidence keeps piling up. Cole and Barber found that the effect of grades on career ambitions was in fact substantial. Now it is becoming evident that it was all a mistake.

The result was a lawsuit. And the problem is getting worse. Second, race-based affirmative action will always be controversial because, almost alone among racial justice issues, it can create a zero-sum situation in which rejected applicants can reasonably believe that they would have been admitted if they where of a different race.

The plaintiff — Abigail Fisher — is a young woman from Texas whose academic credentials were good, but not quite up to the standards that whites and Asians must meet in order to gain admission.

affirmative action success statistics
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Thinking About Race