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But this girl is still 11, and has been raped by males of various ages, from middle school to adult. I hope this thread makes people aware of the dangers which the media puts your children in and the occasions of danger in which they could fall.

Well Sakura, I have to go back and answer a few more questions on Yahoo! The songs are fantabulous, and while listening to them, I answered a few questions on Yahoo!

I just hope tomorrow would be much better day, and I hope to catch Les online and chat with him. You know how afraid of blood I am. Even though it is totally dreadful, it isn't surrising because Yahoo is that same scoundrel company who betrayed innocent Chinese people to the communist government:mad: so that their servers may not get deleted in China and so keep the money:mad:.

Shows especially notorious for all of this are cartoons such as The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy and practically ALL of the pointless shows which the Disney channel offers.

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The song was inspired by the tragedy of Kitty Genovese who was raped and murdered while 36 of her neighbours stood and did absolutely nothing, even though some of them saw her dragging herself to her apartment and hearing her screaming at the top of their lungs. Thats love and ggenerosity to you.

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The song is called the Sounf of Silence: youtube. It would serve them right, getting them to taste a bit of hell here on earth:banghead:. I won the matches, but my cousin is only 8 years old, and I'm 15!

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How To Write A Christmas Song Yahoo Answers