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But she speaks today through the other witnesses and physical evidence. And you can travel through lots of documents and try to review all of the witnesses' testimony about this, some of which is less exciting than others, no doubt, but it boils down to this, it boils down to this book, Exhibitthat Mary Jasnowski, the lawyer from Omaha that headed up the search of Mr.

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Circumstantial, but direct and circumstantial count the same in this game. Michael Fortier testified pursuant to a plea agreement. It begins the next day, April 20; and just like The Turner Diaries, just like Tim McVeigh believed, you conduct terror, and the country will follow; you conduct terror, and civil war will result. He admitted it. Someone would need a means to get the chemical out of those drums. It requires him to provide truthful testimony. Somebody using the Bridges card was calling hobby shops, somebody who read this book, somebody who said, "If I'm looking for nitromethane, follow the map. Tim Donahue said, I employed Terry Nichols as a ranch hand for six months, beginning in March of , ending, you recall, Friday, September 30, So you need to convince the jury that you have met your burden of proof. It went to the Dreamland Motel. Somebody -- somebody used the Bridges card to call Linda Juhl and asked about a chemical that you can use to kill people. Secondly, memorization helps the attorney better focus and perfect the finer points of public speaking.

And he says, A United Nations tank sitting in my front yard. His Honor will tell you, I expect, that evidence about someone's state of mind, their political beliefs, those statements about political tendencies, while they are protected under the First Amendment, nonetheless in criminal court can be relevant evidence for you to consider.

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He asked Tim McVeigh about it. Rescuers worked on, anyway. There are lots and lots of aliases in this case. Without having to worry about looking for their next line, an attorney can focus more of their attention on the quality of their speaking. In that same letter, he says, One-half year ago, that's when I made the commitment. It often helps if an attorney takes notes on possible ideas for rebuttal throughout the trial and starts and ends their rebuttal with rehearsed and memorized statements. And you saw the picture in evidence, a picture of Tim McVeigh dressed in a motorcycle shirt with a bandana, Harley. They didn't end up doing that. The images that you saw in this courtroom were the very same ones that America saw in April of , the same America that is hoping against hope that somehow, some way, there would be survivors in that rubble. The defendant must be held accountable. In Count One: Count One charges conspiracy, that Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols and others unknown beginning in September of and until April 19, , the date of the bombing, conspired to use a weapon of mass destruction, a truck bomb, against persons in this country and against property owned by the United States. You heard the testimony about a storage shed. Well, what was the defense's response to all of this? We would ask you for a verdict of guilty.

It has to be adjusted depending on what evidence is admitted by the trial court. But you have to take it in the connection with the rest of the evidence, all the evidence about ammonium nitrate, nitromethane, and everything else.

The most important tip for writing a good opening or closing is to first stick to the fundamentals of the case.

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Somebody -- somebody used the Bridges card to call Linda Juhl and asked about a chemical that you can use to kill people. For some unexplained reason, and you'll remember the convergence of these facts, in September of , September 22, precisely, Terry Nichols was still living at the Donahue ranch, and I asked him, what's the address, if you live at that ranch house, what's the address. You remember Mr. On the pages marked here at the top, Joe Kyle, No. And in fact, you learned in this trial there were a few, though very, very few, who, though were trapped inside the collapsed portion of that building, survived. A short explanation of the evidence that will be presented. He runs the deli, once was on the gun-show circuits.

She heads out the door; and just as she gets there, she recognizes, This is somebody I know; this is Tim McVeigh. You can structure any closing argument in any criminal case the same way. Let me show you a photograph of that.

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Another extremely common mistake is to reference evidence that had actually been excluded via objection.

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Mock Trial Prosecution Closing Argument Example