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Radhakrishnan: When the storm of persecution swept over the land, Jainism simply took refuge in Hinduism which opened its capacious bosom to receive it and to the conquerors it seemed an indistinguishable part of the great system. It has very little of positive virtue, that is, love. Jain laymen now began to play an important part in the political activities. The preachers of Svetambara sect wore white clothes, while preachers of Digambara sect practise complete nudity. The remaining eleven Angas were rearranged by a Jaina council held at Valabhi in the fifth century A. There remained no bar in amassing wealth by means of trade and commerce. Their sole aim in life was to lead a pious life and building of character. Later on too, several ruling dynasties like Ganga.

Michael Tobias has described non-violance ahimsa in great details. Written in a clear and friendly style, full of explanations, and a gradual, stepwise presentation of its fundamental principles.

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The idea of Jainism is the mission of nature, which is to work for the good of one and all. Singing to the Jinas Author: M. There is not an exact definition for the word dharma, it has several different meanings.

In this fieldwork-based study, Whitney Kelting attempts to reconcile these women's understanding of Jainism with the religion as presented in the existing scholarship.

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It was founded by Mahavira, who lived from to BCE. At that time the chief of Jaina community, Bhadrabahu, migrated to South India along with his many followers including Chandra Gupta and left Sthulabhadra as Chief of the Jainas that remained in Magadha.

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This is a unique introduction to Jainism. One can do so gradually if one first avoids evil karmas and gradually ceases karma. Most of the Indian religions have casually preached ahimsa. According to its logic, no absolute affirmation or denial was possible. Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism have significant differences in their belief of the universe in regrades to karma. Jainism and the New Spirituality is valuable reading on spiritual values, world religions, the multi-faith movement, peace, ecology and social justice. Absence of popular religious preachers after the death of Mahavira, its division into two important sects, absence of protection by later rulers, revival of Hinduism under the Gupta, Chola, Chalukya and Rajput kings contributed to its decline though it still survives in India. Majority of these religions are centuries old and have a wide following in different parts of the world depending on their origin. According to Jainism, therefore, man is the architect of his own destiny and he could attain salvation and even the status of a god by pursuing a life of purity, virtue and renunciation.

Its basic tenet of Ahimsa or non-violence has firmly been established as a rule of life. He also became known as Jina conqueror of passions or Nirgrantha free from worldly fetters.

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