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The statute is not simply one of limitation.

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Dick responded by seeking to establish a defence under the tax laws that he had not taken part in the management of the company at the time when the tax obligations were incurred because of illness or for some other good reason. This may be contrasted where the conduct of the defendant was merely inadvertent. On the other hand, the livelihood of creditors whose businesses depend on reasonably prompt payment may also be ruined if a company continues to trade while insolvent. Some have called for greater regulation of corporate directors and managers, whist others have complained of over-regulation. Wines immediately objected to the assessment and obtained professional assistance from experienced insolvency and restructuring partners with accounting firm Deloitte. Both of these business entities separate the company from the owners, making it difficult though not impossible for creditors to go after personal assets. This will be discussed below in Pt V. The defendant has never been admitted to do business in Texas; has not done any business there; and has not authorized any one to receive service of process or enter an appearance for it in this cause. However characterized, it is an express term in the contract of the parties by which the right of the insurer and the correlative obligation of the insurer are defined. Spigelman CJ held that the words default and breach of duty should be confined to contraventions of the Corporations Act Cth or breaches of the general law, and could not extend to contraventions of other statutory regimes. Part V concludes the note and considers proposals for law reform. Poe, U. Neither has asked favors. Moreover, the parties in interest here are American companies. His Honour was particularly concerned about the pejorative use of any finding of dishonesty or a lack of honesty.

Compare Modern Woodmen of America v. It may not abrogate the rights of parties beyond its borders having no relation to anything done or to be done within them.

Dick's claim is that, since the obligation of a reinsurer to pay the original insurer arises upon the happening of the loss, and is not conditional upon prior payment of the loss by the insurer, Allemannia Fire Insurance Co.

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Its attempt to impose a greater obligation than that agreed upon and to seize property in payment of the imposed obligation violates the guaranty against deprivation of property without due process of law. Architectural Decorating Co. The statute is not simply one of limitation. Dick was a director of a company during a time when it failed to comply with these obligations under the tax laws and the Deputy Commissioner took action to recover the unpaid amounts from Dick. The premium was paid in Mexico; and the loss was 'payable in the City of Mexico in current funds of the United States of Mexico, or their equivalent elsewhere. The defense asserted is based on the provision of the policy and on their contracts of reinsurance. Whether or not the law is actually inappropriate or over regulating, it is clear that there is a problem of perception within the ranks of Australian company directors and senior managers. His Honour found that at a meeting on 5 February between the company, its advisors and the ATO, it was clear that the matter would be ongoing for at least another 3 months, with no certainty of a positive outcome. Although much of the discussion has centred on the structuring of executive and board remuneration, related party transactions, and the structure and composition of corporate boards, a broader issue relates to the appropriateness of current levels of liability that directors and company officers face. What if the [the company were placed into voluntary administration] and the Reynolds Group collapsed, only to be told days later that the ATO agreed to settle the dispute on favourable terms? David Rumsey and Mark W.

Directors and managers will be given a limited amount of time to turn things around, provided that there are reasonable prospects of doing so.

The contention is unsound. It covered the vessel only in certain Mexican waters. Architectural Decorating Co. The garnishees contend that the guaranty of the contract clause relates, not to the date of enactment of a statute, but to the date of its effect on contracts; that, when issued, the policy of the Mexican corporation was concededly not subject to Texas law; that, although the statute relied upon by Dick was passed prior to the making of the contract, it did not operate upon the contract until this suit was brought in the Texas court; and that, hence, the statute violates the contract clause.

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Spigelman CJ held that the words default and breach of duty should be confined to contraventions of the Corporations Act Cth or breaches of the general law, and could not extend to contraventions of other statutory regimes.

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