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The importance of legal research cannot be overstated.

objectives of legal research

Legal history Legal history is another research methodology. Although a research project at PhD level might be required to make a significant and original contribution to the body of knowledge in a particular field, the requirements for LLB Honours students or students completing a research paper as part of the assessment for an undergraduate paper may be somewhat less.

E-mail: cmcelroy1 liberty. With secondary sources, attorneys are still relegated to interpersonal methods of gathering information.

As a result, this data is generally subjective and is often used to form theories. Northcentral University holds its students to the upmost standards in ethical and professional practices in order to prepare the student for publishable scholarly writing.

What types of sources are used in legal research?

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Finally, the data must be structured and written in a way that highlights the sources and emphasizes how they strengthen the case. As part of this process, an evaluation and critique of competing or inconsistent sources may be required. Historical legal research encompasses a range of possibilities including a study of the historical development of a particular legal doctrine or the history of a legal institution or the legal profession. As a general rule, there are differing expectations of students writing at differing levels of legal study. Doctrinal research focuses on determining what the law is on a particular point. These methods can bring both quantitative and qualitative data to research efforts, allowing a case to be built stronger and with more data. Share this:. Expectations The idea of contributing to the existing body of legal knowledge may be exciting, or somewhat daunting, or some combination of the two. The specifics of each case will determine how to proceed. Quantitative research is used to quantify the problem by generating numerical data, which can be used as statistics to help understand the case and the argument better. How do you collect information in legal research? Brown et al.

AIM The Aim of this project is to research, design and implement a payroll system. These include law journals and reviews, industry experts, scholars, and people with practical skills or experiences that will help shed light on the facts of a case.

However, legal research isn't merely about scouring dusty law books and online legal databases for relevant facts. These facts need to be connected to the case, and the argument must be built to highlight how and why this information matters.

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Research methodolgy and legal writing: Content Analysis