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Men willingly change their ruler expecting to fare better. Intellectually stimulating, not only is it necessary to use the supplied "notes" in the back of the book for historical purposes, but also a dictionary may also be of some help. Fortune and God are not to be relied upon.

The Prince, translated by N. Machiavelli believed that a successful prince was one that took into consideration all the elements of rising to power: a strong foundation, eputation and in some cases justifiable cruelty.

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Machiavelli closes his book with a discussion of Italian politics and failed rulers. In the Introduction, Donno praises The Prince by saying " The final chapter is an exhortation to the Medici family to follow Machiavelli's principles and thereby free Italy from foreign domination. There is no room for the slightest mistake in politics, and underestimating any of the previous elements can result in the fall of any prince.

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Submitted by: Ghulam Mahdi M. The Prince leaves an enlightened, yet terrified reader. The book has been highly debated and criticized, but one must acknowledge the tremendous impact the book has had on political thought.

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Section 3 is the real meat of the work and contains the bulk of the advice that garnered Niccolo his much deserved reputation for suggesting the propriety of abandoning morality in governance.

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The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, Book Review