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You might even be able to use a fingertip with the touchscreen, but there are plenty of styli available. Inserting a photo either from the Camera Roll or directly from the camera is simple, but it would be nice if you could increase the size of the Camera Roll view to make it easier to select a picture.

Editors' Choice winner Note Taker HD is a great note-taking tool that does the job nicely, without denting your wallet. I use it every day, and have deleted several other note apps.

Please keep updating this app!!!! Price: Free. Thank you. So I picked up an inexpensive Bamboo stylus which, for me, made a significant difference in the quality of my writing.

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I think this would be the most useful app for everyone from kids think Etch-A-Sketch to cartoonists, stay-at-home Moms to stay-in-space astronauts! Still, I like having an option that lets me bypass the process the somewhat difficult process of writing on a ruled line with a finger or stylus.

One of the challenges of writing on an iPad is trying to figure out where and how to rest your hands. It is also simple to include photographs, drawings, sketches and any other thing that you would like to include.

Other features include alert reminders and some color coding. Evernote Free Evernote has a reputation for being a Swiss Army Knife for creating, saving and organizing stuff on your computer and mobile devices.

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Note Taker HD (for iPad) Review & Rating