Oldtown white coffee target market

Our concern, The figure of mercantile establishments of the Old Town White Coffee covered all little towns to large town in the whole Malaysia and even expanded their franchise overseas such as China and even India. Push Strategy: The producer, which is the factory of OldTown, produce the product instant white coffee and send it to the retailers and wholeseller, OldTown restaurant or supermarket, the restaurant are then selling it to the consumers.

old town outlet

Promotion Advertising: OldTown often gives out broucher to people. Coffee booth is similar to the java cart concern. They position themselves as an icon, obviously very successful covering the aspects of offering kopitiam style coffee and delicacies.

With the certifications, Old Town White Coffee can make advertisement to state the clients that they hold the halal certifications. Pricing Scheme Old Town White Coffee is utilizing planing pricing in the new merchandise pricing scheme. Their outlets is quite developed area with a university and banks.

Today, Oldtown is using a computerize system instead of using a piece of paper. The management has successfully mixed tradition with modern conveniences, revamped and revived the traditional cafe concept into a successful working model with outlets conveniently located and easily accessible to customers.

First, is the trade name placement. Old Town White Coffee also seeks its market opportunity by exploring the viability of the kiosk business. They provide better services to consumers than their competitors to make themselves different.

Old Town White Coffee is more emphatic to keep the original spirit of the white java which the original white java is come from Ipoh. The outward distribution makes the merchandises traveling straight from the mill to resellers and clients within shorter period of clip.

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OldTown to dish out dollars on advertising to build brand name