Purity in church

Congregations today face this same situation … and we can receive guidance from the solution Paul outlined in this letter.

Spiritual purity

People in the current debate talk about mission, not the Reformation marks of the true Church. In some cases the purity of the particular product is specified. For the Reformed tradition, the Law is most profound when it points us to God, who gave the Law, who also keeps the Law. Both Israel and Judah were charged with committing spiritual adultery. By my count, the vote was in favor to 92 hardcore votes on the left and hard-core votes on the right — total against. Of those who press for mission social justice, the far left rejects the long-standing biblical, confessional, and Church proscriptions against homosexual behavior. In Christ the Law describes who God is, what God is like, where God is, what God is doing, and what we want to be doing when our chief end is fellowship with God instead of making ourselves righteous. The church was to be comprised of people who were pure.

Faced with an either-or impasse, gracious Presbyterians refuse to alienate or be stampeded by either side. Both Israel and Judah were charged with committing spiritual adultery.

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Purity in church

Face-to-face with evil, many otherwise well-intentioned people, including Christians, could not withstand the Nazi onslaught because they lacked a single-minded devotion to God. There is a logical connection within this portion of his letter. They also are not to keep company with a so-called brother participating in the evil of this world I Cor The stakes are huge. He desired to be able to present them as a chaste virgin to Christ. Summary Members, preachers and elders all share in the responsibility of keeping the church pure. One of the greatest dangers to the church today is that it may lose its identity by becoming so much like the world that those who are not members of the church cannot tell the difference between the world and the church Christ taught his disciples that they were to have an influence in the world. If anything, it will set them even more deeply in it. Of those committed to mission evangelism, the far right rejects homosexual behavior as a violation of the moral law set forth in the Bible. But, will anyone in error come out of error, if error is never rebuked?

Christ, of course, fulfills the Law utterly and replaces it with himself. According to the Reformation confessions in our Book of Confessions, you can tell a true Church from a false one by three specific marks or keys to the kingdom. If you find a church that will not rebuke error, but instead allow it to remain among them, you have not found the Lord's church.

godly purity

In fact, he was proud of his incestuous relationship. Schism is totally and absolutely unjustified. You do not find this in some churches claiming to be Jesus' church! Paul said, "If I yet please men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

In spiritual matters it is necessary for us to judge for ourselves the purity of the merchandise we buy. Paul makes it clear that the church welcomes sinners of every kind in chapter 6, vs. To worship, serve, or live with and for Christ is an end in itself that has no useful purpose beyond itself. Such rules, they say, are an outdated moralism that no longer applies to Christians, especially for homosexuals in long-term, committed relationships. The point, of course, is not how much purity we have, more or less, but whether we have any purity at all. For permissions, view our Copyright Policy. Now, who could seriously conceive of the body of Christ being in any way impure?! May God bless us in our deliberations on the matter before us, and may God bless the Presbyterian Church U. Like Paul, he should determine not to know anything save Jesus Christ and him crucified. If God was displeased with temporal Israel, and put her away for her adultery; does it seem reasonable that Christ would be any less displeased with his bride if she is found guilty of spiritual adultery? To the church at Ephesus Paul said: "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish" Eph. Having ministered in Ephesus Acts —10 , Paul remained concerned for the believers there and in the surrounding geographical regions.

It does its work without partaking of the nature of the thing it preserves. With idolatry you had a physical worship of deity, but no necessary allegiance to one particular god.

When they are in Rome, they do as Rome does.

The pure gospel is as well, adapted to the needs of man in this modern world as it was to the needs of man in the first century. These two directions were present prior to the Reformation, as Catholicism formed around the concept of an external unity and its opponents centered their arguments in an internal purity. The church welcomes sinners, just as Christ welcomes sinners. Webster defines purity as follows: " Free from all heterogeneous or extraneous matter, especially from anything that impairs or pollutes; free from that which defiles or contaminates; innocent; spotless; chaste, genuine. Christ said, "Ye are the salt of the earth. He desired to be able to present them as a chaste virgin to Christ. I believe the complete resolution in the matter before us is not yet clear, but the center is the only part of the Church looking for a third way instead of a win-lose result. Would the man who had his father's wife have repented without the needed rebuke? Every congregation is filled with nothing BUT sinners. For permissions, view our Copyright Policy. This distinction continued through the Reformation, with Luther and Calvin arguing for an acceptance of a single church identifiable through external signs and the Anabaptists arguing for an internal purity of the local congregations. As Jesus Christ is one, so are we truly united in Christ, regardless of any diversity. After all, we believe in One who has torn down sinful divisions among His people —
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Purity of the Church