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Higgins showed no appreciation towards Eliza as he repeatedly boasted about his success, and he not once acknowledged her.

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By naming his drama "Pygmalion," Shaw reminds people of the ancient Pygmalion Myth. Originally she was an innocent girl trying to stay alive.

At some points in history, the differences in the classes were more noticeable than other times.

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Additional Information, page 7 5. Higgins is an arrogant, stubborn bachelor with no use for women, who transforms throughout the story. Whose transformation is the most significant? Doolittle all go through different kinds of transformation Yeates. Introduction and Short Analysis of the Main Character, page 4 3. Originally she was a kind innocent girl trying to stay alive in the gutter of London. Alfred Doolittle and Eliza Doolittle both transform in ways that sometimes overlap but are generally very unique. But is Eliza the only character to undergo such a transformation? Reading example essays works the same way! Pygmalion, a sculptor, makes a beautiful statue and falls in love with his own creation. In Pygmalion, there are two notable transformations, with each of them occurring to different extents. She tried to hide the anger built up because of Higgins and think of him as more of a friend. Shaw does so through the social parable of a young English flower girl named Eliza Dolittle, who after receiving linguistic training assumes the role of a duchess.

It was written two years before the 1st world war, at a time when society was divided and the poor were severely disadvantaged whilst the rich were idle and blindly living their life, unconcerned about the affairs of others.

She wants to improve herself, she hopes to transform into a lady Pygmalion. Reading example essays works the same way!

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Higgins changed in spite of his stubbornness.

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The Transformation of Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion