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In our estimation she is clearly the best qualified of all of the applicants for the job and we expect she will contribute substantially to meeting present departmental needs and to developing our departmental curriculum.

Describe the job. She has also worked in Europe with experimentalists where she demonstrated an ability to apply her strong theoretical background to a variety of research problems. They may want to know things about the history or contemporary circumstances of institutions and traditions in the university and region.

It is important that the interview process show sensitivity to issues such as sexual orientation, children, religion, and race. Competitive Selection Process There were a total of twenty-eight applicants. It is somehow an interesting character when a person sets objectives.

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Preparation for Recruitment and Definition of the Job Successful recruitment of women and people of color often depends on the quality of advanced preparation and on the definition of the job and desired credentials. If there were a large number of applications, describe how the field was narrowed to the finalists.

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List all recruitment sources used.

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Project on recruitment and selection process