Research paper on deforestation in pakistan

Over the years, the genocidal trend of slaughtering trees has triggered disastrous climatic changes in the country. She told that a recent study by T.

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It was therefore surprising for me to find that in underdeveloped country children did not knew the nomenclature of trees, nor could they identify local herbs. Forest contractors employed by forest departments for harvesting, road construction, and carriage of timber exploit poor locals by purchasing their property rights.

Question: What are the consequences of planting non-indigenous trees?

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What are your views on that? The government needs to incorporate taxonomy in forest management. And last but not the least research into an analysis of what kinds of community forestry projects work and which don't work, the reasons for success or failure and new legislation on forests use and management and to check trading of timber should go al long way to get to grips with the challenge of deforestation. According to Environment protection agency, over the years, industrialization has caused massive emission of carbon dioxide and other gases into the air. The forest department has failed to bring them to book and rectify the situation. There is a wide gap in the production and consumption of wood. Hence, we must stop wasting drinking water on plants.

Byit will require 50 million cubic meter of wood in order to cater to demands of the people. Major reason for it is unchecked use of timber resources due to the population pressures. The irony of our country is that capital is rapidly planting palm trees.

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They basically grow in cold weather but Islamabad weather is not conducive to their growth. Many forests rely on groundwater for survival, and depend on wetlands to support their growth.

Research paper on deforestation in pakistan

This participatory and holistic approach is a paradigm shift, which focuses on areas of plantation, has low opportunity cost and higher return and aims at poverty reduction through encouraging enterprise. Objectives The specific objectives of this study are to: raise awareness of the benefits of forests, and adverse effects of deforestation; analyze gaps in policy makers' information; document the diverse stakeholder perspectives on forests; build capacity of all stakeholders for sustainable management of forests; suggest possible solutions to the top decision makers i. Mangroves rehabilitation works have been done under the projects executed by various organizations including International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN. It looked like a ghetto. For example, in the absence of the provision of gas and electricity or the availability of renewable sources of energy at affordable rates, wood is the only source of energy for communities in hilly areas. All nurseries should be banned unless they are producing beneficial, indigenous plants that helps creating a healthy environment in Pakistan. The Joint Forest Management Committees JFMCs , the forest department officials argue, are still dependent on the timber mafia from whom they have to borrow money. The issue of trade in rights remained controversial especially in NWFP. When I came to Pakistan, I realized none of the people knew about the trees growing around. It was therefore surprising for me to find that in underdeveloped country children did not knew the nomenclature of trees, nor could they identify local herbs. This route is called its home range where it feels safe and knows its surroundings. Each village community has its own exclusive land use principles, which are often in conflict with other stakeholder's views. The government should focus on improvement of forest management practices to prevent the loss of biodiversity for example, reduce the practice of giving preference to certain species for their commercial value and ignoring other species. Farm forestry: National forest policy of envisioned farm forestry as a solution to the deforestation.
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The Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Pakistan