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New other list of connections and those made by others within the system. Owyang and Lovett argue that simply collecting data without further analysis does not allow organizations to draw mean- ingful conclusions They are both undertaking through analyzing a random sample of respondents.

Although the study did not highlight social media specifically, it did ask respondents whether they used tools such as blogs, e-mails, or text messages to obtain government information. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter were the most commonly used web-based tools among these agencies 2. Social Media MetricS The science of measuring social media use is still evolv- ing.

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However, in recent times, social networking sites have provided an additional medium through which social identities can be developed and explored.

Social media addiction is the top negative effect that may cause poor academic performance. The study also collects opinion of students about the impacts of social medium on their academic performance.

Using social media, such as YouTube and Twitter, organizations can post information that individuals can share, comment on, and sometimes modify 1.

Students tend to focus on cyber games that block the focus on their studies.

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