Romeo juliet act 3 scene 5 essay

romeo and juliet act 3 scene 5 language analysis

The conflict between their two families causes problems for their love of one another. Fate plays a large part in the lives of Romeo and Juliet and the actions other characters takes has consequences on their fate.

Romeo and juliet act 3 scene 5 analysis

It is also interesting for the audience to see how danger builds up and leads them into desperate actions. As the mother and daughter start to talk about the death of the loved cousin I would moved Juliet back and set on the bed, the bed which is still in the middle of the room. My uncle? In Juliet's first meeting with her mother and the nurse, she seems to be an obedient and responsible child. Romeo hurries away as Juliet pulls in the ladder and begs fate to bring him back to her quickly. In this essay, I am going to analyse this specific scene and show its importance to the overall plot. The use of dramatic irony is fitting as Romeo and Juliet has the most famous example of dramatic irony in the world, the tragic end. Act 3 scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most dramatic of scenes in the play. This would create a feeling of distance between the two characters. Act 1, scene 5 is so interesting and enjoyable due to it being so lively and bright It is therefore a good scene to look at in more detail.

It reminds us that despite their declaration of love for each other all is not well, there is a tense atmosphere lurking under the surface. But just as their vows to throw off their names did not succeed in overcoming the social institutions that have plagued them, they cannot change time.

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The themes in the play also make the scene effective, the themes in are the lark and the nightingale, the lark is a bird which signals darkness. The Nurse advises her to go through with the marriage to Paris—he is a better match, she says, and Romeo is as good as dead anyhow. The audience are also kept on their feet as the scene differs greatly from happy to sad which makes it effective.

Act 3 scene 5 romeo and juliet

The Nurse enters to warn Juliet that Lady Capulet is approaching. I think Shakespeare wanted to do this too as he made it clear how young Juliet was from the beginning of the play playing on the instinct many people have of protecting female children. Shakespeare uses language to describe the tragic actions and misunderstandings while foreshadowing their eventual death. Juliet is upset because she may never see him again. This is a ply which also shows how prejudice leads to escalating violence. It contains all devices needed to make it truly effective and great. Shakespeare is questioning whether a woman is just property of her family and it seems one of the reasons Capulet is so angry is his male pride will not let him dishonor himself by breaking a promise to Paris. This technique is also used when Romeo and Juliet first meet and they speak a sonnet together. Language and imagery bring alive both themes and characters. At the beginning of act three five, we learn that Romeo and Juliet have spent the night together.

I think Shakespeare wanted to do this too as he made it clear how young Juliet was from the beginning of the play playing on the instinct many people have of protecting female children.

As we can deduce the whole play …show more content… When the Nurse enters she hurries things up because she knows that Juliet's mother is coming to see Juliet, this creates a sense of urgency and tension.

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This builds up suspense and tension in the audience wondering if they will get caught. This would signify the real connection between the nurse and the child. But as Lady Capulet starts to dictate to Juliet about her marriage to Paris lady Capulet should start walk Juliet backwards into a corner looking down at her.

It is a scene of extreme dramatic tension and excitement. For example; the marriage between to ethnic groups may displease some people saying how it is wrong, you should never marry out of your race.

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Why is act 3 scene 5 so effective in Romeo and Juliet? Essay Example