The benefits that engineering has brought

For example, the earliest civil engineer known by name is Imhotep. The engineering field is as varied as engineers themselves. Some of the engineering mechanisms in them are still mysterious pieces of work until now. The scientists maybe get their name in the history book, but the engineers are the hidden people in stupendously contributing to the world.

The major ones are structural, water resources, construction, transportation, and geotechnical engineering. Behind those two routines, the civil engineer is needed in constructing the power plant, mechanical engineer is needed in power plant in order to make the turbine operate smoothly and also in fan and clock manufacturing, chemical engineers are needed in processing the fuels, and finally the electrical engineers are important in transmitting the electricity into the authors house and also in the fan and clock manufacturing as mechanical engineer does.

A view of pyramids at Giza Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry to solve problems involving the production or use of chemicals and other products.

Because it works, the people take it for granted.

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More or less, the significance of chemical engineering keeps growing day by day, and who knows one day only by eating one tablet medicine can cure all the deceases. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

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Even the mechanical military equipment can give benefits to human kind, also as much as its negative outcomes. It proved that there were studies on electrical things during the ancient time even that electrical study did not sustain until the recent centuries. During this time, transportation became increasingly important leading to the development of the wheel and sailing. The interest of electricity started in early of 17th century, and since then electrical studies advanced and improved until now. The idea is converted into concept, the concept becomes mechanism, and mechanism makes thing works. The game was simple, the author had to memorize the name of inventors and their inventions, and the father would ask who the inventor for the asking invention is. There is a discovery of years old battery in Baghdad. Many civil engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to city engineer. One by one the iconic gigantic building has been built. Electrical engineers specialize in areas such as power systems engineering or electrical equipment manufacturing. Chemical engineers also work in a variety of manufacturing industries other than chemical manufacturing, such as those producing energy, electronics, food, clothing, and paper.

The mechanical devices have been given many benefits to human kind since a long time ago, examples of the devices are Noria which has been used to nourish their villages and crops with water, windmill was used to extract energy from wind, and the watt engine was the key element in promoting the mass production.

Today, civilization relies more than ever on teams of inventive people to design, build and maintain the sophisticated environment that surrounds us. This discipline of engineering may be founded later than civil engineering in modern world, but actually it was being practiced even in early ancient civilization.

Engineers can design and build superstructures or delicate medical instruments.

role of engineers in modern world
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the benefits that engineering has brought to the world