The five things that defines a tragedy according to aristotle

After studying a lot of translations and interpretations, he interprets Prof. What is, then, the action of Oedipus the King? Without action there cannot be a tragedy; there may be one without character.

characteristics of tragedy according to aristotle

A similar idea appears in the Politics 2 : "When men hear artistic creations, their feelings move in sympathy with them". In opposition to Plato, Aristotle thinks that the subject of a work of art is of a special nature, having two faces ; on the one hand, it is an unreal thing and found somewhere in the sphere of imagination, while on the other hand things in their artistic formulation represent real things and do it in such a way that we are inclined to forget — at least to a certain extent — that they are only "representations".

aristotles definition of tragic hero

The next problem is : in what way is tragedy perceived? Thus, it seems that the term mimesis should be translated according to context as creation, representation, expression, "imitation".

It is clear that tragedy, by nature exploratory, critical, independent, could not live under such a regimen.

aristotles definition of tragedy explanation

Potts, for example, was confusing plot with action; in Prof.

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Six Formative Elements of Tragedy