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Do say: Corr blimey, the Vic's back on track.

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Her knitting fails to support her when the knitware factory opens. Michael Mundy, as seanachie, begins a story.

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This reversal of dramatic conventions underlines the innovatory dramaturgical space Friel is opening up and simultaneously underlines the unreality of the characters since it is the reveries of selected memory.

This is best for all. In ecstatic contrast and frightening in its intensity, her sister's bodies express momentary escape from all such stricture.

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Despite the disapproval of her sisters, Chris approaches Gerry in the yard, where they both talk and laugh. Translations takes place in Donegal, Ireland, in , and focuses on the closing of Irish schools by English authorities, who imposed English language schools on the local Irish populations, in spite of their protests. Clearly and without bitterness Christina tells Evans that she spends her days looking after 'his lordship', referring to Michael, DL, p. What were the conditions of the Christian missionary efforts in Africa? Agnes and Rose are knitters and kitchen beavers, like Maggie. The opening of a knitwear factory in the village has killed off the hand-knitted glove cottage industry that has been the livelihood of Agnes and Rose. Through dance, the two dimensions, myth and reality, meet and continually inter-act. Briefly, the women enjoy a discussion of what they will wear and how much they love to dance. Gerry tells Chris that he has gotten a job selling gramophones.

Moreover, the narrator has disclosed the emblem, the means and the manner whereby such disintegration takes place: the liminal ritual actions of music and dance 9. The Tableaux in the opening and end of the play suggest unity of family especially against the community from which they are excluded.

The symbolism is multivalent. The stage directions indicate how the subject body becomes momentarily liberated before relapsing into consciousness and submission within the kitchen, the locus of constraint. She is a woman of experience.

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The brief ecstatic dances of the Mundy women, oscillating between constraint and release, associatively link to the unseen ideological powers and their psychological and physiological containment. The technological changes advance even further when the industrial revolution arrives at their hometown Ballybeg in the form of a new knitting factory. Within the domestic sphere, as indicated in the stage directions DL, pp. There is a similar tension here between the "godless" forces he wants to join and the forces of Franco against which he will be fighting, which are supported by the Catholic Church. Through dance, the two dimensions, myth and reality, meet and continually inter-act. She dances and sings, and the songs she sings link to love, something she will never have. The dialogue between the mythical aspects and the Mundy household's everyday work gestures is an indispensable condition of Friel's examination of existence. In , he enrolled in a seminary at St. At their paradoxical simplest they visually express sorrow and joy. He tells us that this is also the summer the family got their first wireless radio set. Jack professes a broad admiration for the pagan beliefs of the native people of Africa, and appears to have lost his Catholic faith, which may be the true reason his superiors have sent him back. In the s, phonograph recordings were a novelty of public entertainment, but by the s, phonographs were popular in private homes. The dialogue is thus interspersed with music coming from the radio, as well as the musical outbursts of the various characters. Unwittingly striking this contrast, Jack demonstrates the ramifications and 'price' of exogamy and loyalty themes closely scrutinized in Translations,

Maggie Mundy Maggie, thirty-eight, is the second oldest of the five sisters, and works as the cook and housekeeper of their home. As well as having romantic feelings for Chris, Gerry seems particularly inclined towards Agnes, although the true state of their relationship remains in doubt.

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A measure of their hardship is signified in the time it takes Agnes and Rose to knit gloves for a pittance.

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