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Grading of the student is solely depended upon prescribed syllabus given by the board.

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He receives his question paper and starts to count the seconds, minutes and hours, which pass slowly, slowly and more slowly. I have tried many times to write a blog but then left with some incomplete and unknown blogs.

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Student should study to gain more knowledge and to acquire skills which can make them able to get a good job. Their lack of knowledge can cause problems for students. At last three hours pass away. But now in this modern age, the syllabus is becoming extensive so no one can achieve big success merely relying on memory and cramming techniques. I want to put light on one another important point for those students who are not good at English writing even they have good ability to understand the things. Our life is being wasted by this 'dragon of exams'. So lets go ahead. Let me explain the changes that occurs in the life of a student after the announcement of the examination schedule. The competition factor in exams may causing immense pressure on the students and leading them to the state of depression. Sometime they get some family problems which make it hard for them to appear in the exams. Scientist like Einstein failed in their examinations too but went on to become successful people. I still remember one of my friends who used to take disprin a tablet for headache to study hard till late night. Without exams student who have caliber to score high would get lost among lazy masses. Education system without exam will take the pressure off students[2]. Now he can return to his real life — the life that he wishes for, the life that gives him joy and happiness, the life that gives him enjoyment.

Hence exams are of chance and guessing games. But sometime students just feel fear about the exams. Without exams student who have caliber to score high would get lost among lazy masses.

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Sometime students take ill during their exams. Just imagine life without exams.

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